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Why register to become a Consortium member? One reason is to gain access to the Standard Operating Protocols, both analytically- and clinically-oriented. These protocols are the best practices developed by a wide array of trauma and burn surgeons, molecular biologists, and other researchers who are recognized as some of the best in their respective fields. Another reason is to view the data generated by unprecedented large-scale clinical research into treatment of patients with severe inflammation resulting from both trauma and burns. A third is to keep up to date in a field that is rapidly changing with the convergence of biotechnology, molecular biology, and clinical medicine.

Research articles, meeting information and other materials of use to the investigators are also available to Consortium members. Benefits abound and there is no charge to Consortium members. Fill out the form below and click the submit button to register. You can also see a brief description of the steps to register on the Login/Data Access page.

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